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Bill Pertzborn

1263 N. Padre Kino Lane

Coolidge, AZ 85128


$1.00 Lots

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Shipping For all stamps purchased .75 USA per once 1.60 Mexico & Canadaper once

1.75 World Wide per once

PayPal Only if total price is over $10.00 Lots May be combined to reach this figure. (.60 Charge if under $10.00)

Foreign Buyers can pay in new issue stamps from their country at exchange rates listed in http://www.xe.com/

All lots are 100% guaranteed. Money refunded unless negative feed back is left before I have a chance to make it right. 

Checks Accepted only on US Banks

Check Out All German Stamps at German Lists http://pertz.com/Germanlists.htm

Stamps are listed in Scott and Michel Catalog numbers.

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